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Targets 8 Signs of Aging

Want the ultimate skincare?

Inspired by the most advanced research in epigenetic science, Caudalie and Dr. David Sinclair have co-patented a revolutionary technology (TET8™ patent) proven to target the 8 signs of aging.

The TET8™ Patent, developed with David Sinclair is the result of 10 years of cutting-edge research. Find it at the heart of the new Premier Cru collection which brings together the best of Caudalie's expertise.

Premier Cru The Rich Cream

Visibly Reduce Deep Wrinkles

From the age of 40, our skin loses 60% of its ceramides(1), lipids that are naturally present in the skin and represent 50% of the skin barrier(2).

Powered by the breakthrough TET8™  technology and enriched with bio-ceramides and hyaluronic acid, The Premier Cru Rich Cream visibly improves 8 signs of aging and visibly repairs skin barrier.


97% natural origin ingredients.
Refillable & recyclable.




  1. 1. 97% saw wrinkles visibly reduced

  2. 2. 96% saw fine lines visibly reduced

  3. 3. 94% saw faded spots reduced

  4. 4. 97% saw skin visibly firmer

  5. 5. 96% saw increase elasticity

  6. 6. 93% felt plumper skin

  7. 7. 97% saw visibly moisturized skin


saw wrinkles reduced

and plumper skin (4)

Before After 56 days (5)

Unretouched photos

The Premier Cru Routine

A complete range of skincare products with global action, for all women who want the best for their skin.

Caudalie is committed to combining beauty and eco-responsibility.

With a simple gesture, refill The Cream with the refillable pod.

refill premier cru

Step 1

Unclip the empty capsule but don't throw away the jar.

Step 2

Add the new refill pod

The Premier Cru Collection

Our Natural Formulation Laboratory made a new revolutionary discovery: an enzyme named TET which targets the 8 signs of aging. The exclusive patented combination of Honokiol, a molecule eco-extracted(9) from Magnolia, and Resveratrol acts on this TET enzyme and on the skin’s youth proteins for a spectacular result.

The new TET8™ patent was developed with David Sinclair.

TET8™ technology paired with natural bio-ceramides.


Targets 8 signs of aging




Receive a FREE Facial Lifting Roller with your purchase of 2 or more Premier Cru products*

Facial roller


*Receive a free Facial Lifting Roller on all purchases with 2 Premier Cru products or more on No code required. While stocks last, until 3/15/2023. Non-binding photos.



Use roller to visibly firm skin and facial elasticity



Massaging the eye area improves oxygenation and lymphatic microcirculation



Apply to face, neck, and décolleté for an effortless glow!

Our clean and sustainable commitment

Natural without compromise

Label 0 compromise on naturalness

0 compromise on sustainability

Caudalie created for the first time refillable and recyclable pods for The Cream.

It’s a system that’s kinder to the environment, as each refill purchased enables about 3.12T of multimaterial packaging and 18T of glass* to be saved.

Like the pods, the glass jars are recyclable **.

Enjoy the Premier Cru experience at our Boutique SPA


The ultimate beauty ritual that visibly improves the appearance of the 8 signs of aging and helps skin appear visibly younger.


All about Premier Cru

When your skin is strained by the environment it becomes more sensitive to skin aging.

Epigenetics has proven that these changes are reversible, learn everything you need to know about the Premier Cru Revolution!


Each woman is unique and chooses to treat her signs of aging when she feels the need to.
 When you feel that your skin is visibly losing firmness and wrinkles appear, we recommend that you use the Resveratrol-Lift range.
 If you want a more efficient solution to visibly reduce the appearance of all signs of aging (reduce deep wrinkles, diminish fine lines, brighten dark spots, enhance radiance, firm skin, improve elasticity, plump skin, boost hydration), then the Premier Cru range is made for you.

The Resveratrol-Lift range targets firmness and wrinkles, while the Premier Cru range visibly reduces the appearance of the 8 signs of aging : wrinkles, fine lines, spots, radiance, firmness, elasticity, volume, hydration.

Yes, the Premier Cru collection is suitable for all skin types.

The Cream is suitable for all skin types. If you have dry to very dry skin, opt for The Rich Cream, enriched with bio-ceramides. Depending on the season and the needs of your skin, you can alternate the two textures.

Yes, its phyto-aromatic composition is 100% natural and very low in dosage: Damascus rose, essence of rose petals, essence of geranium, rose absolute, violet leaf absolute, white cedar essence, benzoin Siam absolute.

Yes, Premier Cru is suitable if you are pregnant.

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