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Reduce the appearance of dark spots, naturally

The Dark Spot Solution

Whether your dark spots are due to prolonged exposure to the sun, hormonal changes, blemishes, or simply the effects of time, all women can be affected by dark spots(1).

Discover Vinoperfect, Caudalie's best-selling collection for visibly radiant, more even skin.

Vinoperfect Radiance Serum
Visibly reduce all dark spots.

Vinoperfect Radiance Serum, our #1 Serum prevents and visibly diminishes the appearance of dark spots caused by:

  • Sun
  • Acne
  • Melasma (Pregnancy Mask)
  • Age

Dermatologically tested. Suitable for all skin types.

98% natural origin ingredients




dark spot appearance after 1 bottle(1)


Unretouched photos

Our Darkspot Innovation

STAR INGREDIENT: the patented Viniferine

A natural extract from vine sap, this active ingredient patented by Caudalie, reduces the appearance of dark spots for a visibly even and luminous complexion.


Always on the lookout for cleaner formulas, Vinoperfect Serum is now formulated without PEG derivatives, replaced by a biomimetic emulsifier that promotes the penetration of Viniferine and multiplies its effectiveness.



By controlling tyrosinase, the enzyme responsible for melanin overproduction.


Evens The Complexion

Visibly revealing the natural radiance of the skin.


Illuminates And Brightens The Complexion

Revealing the natural radiance of the skin.


Brighten & even your skin with Caudalie's patented routine to visibly reduce the appearance of dark spots.


Preps skinBrightening Glycolic Essence$67.00


Visibly diminish the look of dark spotsRadiance Dark Spot Serum Vitamin C Alternative$95.00


Hydrate and visibly illuminateInstant Brightening Moisturizer with Niacinamide$74.00


Nourish and exfoliateBrightening Glycolic Night Cream$79.00


Visibly refine skin textureBrightening Glycolic Peel Mask$48.00


Sublimate my handsVinoperfect Radiance Serum complexion enhancing$79.00



Pour éviter l’apparition des taches de soleil

Une Crème Solaire visage SPF50 25 ml offerte avec votre Sérum Éclat Vinoperfect.

Our Clean and Sustainable Commitment

Clean and natural formulas



Eco-Friendly packaging


All packaging in the Vinoperfect collection is 100% recyclable (Excluding pump dispensers and caps).(2)

The bottle of Concentrated Brightening Glycolic Essence is now made from recycled glass.

The packaging of the Dark Spot Correcting Hand Cream has been removed. Its pack does not require additional protection and this has allowed us to reduce our paper consumption by 976 kg.

Vinoperfect SPA Treatment

Immediate radiance effect

Ideal for illumiating dull skin and skin prone to dark spots, this treatment corrects the appearance of dark spots while stimulating the radiance of the complexion.

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All about dark spots

Dark spots can affect many women, regardless of their age, skin tone and skin type.
They are the result of excessive melanin build-up on the surface of the skin.
Accentuated by repeated sun exposure, hormonal variations, blemishes or age, they can take various forms.

Learn all about dark spots!



The new formula of the Vinoperfect serum is more effective and has been re-tested on all types of dark spots. It is also now tested on all skin types in dermatological scoring, and has demonstrated a -63% effectiveness on dark spot coloring*.

More effective and cleaner: its 98% natural-origin composition is now guaranteed free of PEG derivatives. These are replaced by a natural biomimetic emulsifier which imitates the cutaneous structure. It is this similarity with the skin that promotes cohesion with Viniferine and maximizes its action on dark spots.

*Clinical study, dermatological scoring, 56 days, 65 women, 91% of volunteers.

It is just as effective and even more natural. We have found new natural sources for certain raw materials that have improved the naturalness rate from 93% to 95%.

For the Glycolic Peel Mask, we have added AHAs of natural origin that increase its effectiveness tenfold. It now contains not only glycolic acid, but also lactic, tartaric & citric acids derived directly or by fermentation from corn, sugar cane, beet, wheat & grapes. For this reason, the mask is not recommended for sensitive skin. The percentage of naturally derived ingredients in this product is now 96%.

All glass jars & bottles are 100% recyclable. Our Essence bottle contains recycled glass. Our Hand Cream comes out of its paper case, which saves 976 kg* of paper.

* According to internal estimate based on annual quantity.

It depends on the type of dark spots (how established & recent...) and the type of skin. Some will see results after 7 days, others at the end of a bottle. By applying the Serum twice a day for 56 days, 91% saw -63% dark spot appearance*

* Clinical study, dermatological scoring, 91% of 65 volunteers, 56 days. 1 bottle of serum equals to 56 days of usage with 2 applications per day.

The entire range is suitable for sensitive skin, except for the Glycolic Mask.

The range is suitable for pregnant women, but only the Vinoperfect Serum has been evaluated by a toxicologist. Its formula does not contain any substance that could be harmful to mother or baby in utero.

Wear sunscreen all day long, even in gray weather, apply sunscreen every 2 hours in case of direct sun exposure.

Yes, applying the Essence multiplies the effects of the Serum 2x, the most concentrated anti-dark spot Viniferine in the Vinoperfect collection. Applying the Day Cream visibly reduces dark spots and gives an immediate radiance effect. In the evening, the Night Cream promotes cell renewal, for visibly more radiant & smooth skin by morning. Finally, adding sun protection to your daily routine minimizes the appearance of dark spots.

The skin has its own defense mechanism. Faced with UV rays, cells called melanocytes act as a real shield: thanks in particular to an enzyme called tyrosinase. Tyrosinase produces melanin, the pigment responsible for skin coloring. Most of the time, the skin colors evenly - that's how you get a nice, even tan - but sometimes the melanin concentrates more on certain areas than others. In this case, the excess melanin production causes hyperpigmentation and dark spots .

No, an anti-dark spot treatment simply protects your skin against the appearance of new dark spots and reduces existing dark spots. As soon as you expose your skin to the sun, it is essential to adopt an adapted sun protection.

No, the application of an anti-dark spot treatment - especially under your suncare - will not prevent your skin from tanning. Anti-dark spot treatments regulate the overproduction of melanin responsible for the appearance and intensification of dark spots on the skin, and therefore ensure that you get an even and long-lasting tan. However, remember to choose a dark spot treatment that does not photosensitize, so as not to irritate your skin when you expose yourself.

Anti-dark spot treatments do not make you lose your tan: on the contrary, they regulate melanin production and allow the skin to obtain an even, dark spot-free and long-lasting tan. To keep your tan even longer, also consider using an after-sun tan-extending lotion. Also remember to intensely moisturize your skin - both inside and out - after each exposure. Drink water regularly, up to 1.5L per day, and choose foods rich in antioxidants to enhance your tan and protect your skin from aging.

It is not recommended to apply self-tanner to skin that is prone to dark spots: it can accentuate the color of the spots and make them even more visible. Indeed, self-tanners contain DHA, an active ingredient that has the power to stimulate melanin production. On contact moles and dark spots contrast and darken, just like your skin after applying the self-tanner.

Dark spots caused by acne are brown or red in color and occur after the appearance of inflammation. Their particularity is that they persist after the blackheads have disappeared, which sometimes makes them more difficult to treat. They appear as soon as an excess of melanin is noticed: the production of melanin is responsible for skin coloring, but when the skin is sensitized - as is the case when you have a blemish - there is an excess production of melanin that accumulates on the area of the blemish. As the pimple disappears, the melanin stagnates and eventually causes a dark spot on the skin.

They are very different dark spots. Acne dark spots are hyperpigmentation due to inflammation, which can be treated with anti-spot treatments. Conversely, acne scars are deeper, colourless marks that can't be treated with dark spots. Acne scars appear when the skin can no longer restore itself. The damaged part, which does not heal properly, is replaced by skin tissue that remains visible despite the passage of time. To reduce this type of scarring, it is preferable to turn to salicylic acid treatments (such as those in the Vinopure line), or to consult an experienced dermatologist directly.

Pregnancy mask (melasma) is linked to a hormonal upset, and in particular to the increase in estrogen levels. The estrogens cause an overproduction of melanin and make the skin more sensitive to the sun's rays (UVA and UVB) and to external aggressions. If the skin is not properly protected, it is at higher risk for dark spots.

Pregnancy mask generally appears as early as the second trimester (4th month) but it can also appear after giving birth, especially during breastfeeding. It can affect all pregnant women, regardless of their skin type, even if darker skins are more at risk of seeing their epidermis strewn with dark spots due to hormonal action.

Once again, it's all about prevention. To avoid the pregnancy mask, it is necessary to turn to an adapted routine and be vigilant both during pregnancy and in the months following childbirth. To do this, avoid exposure to the sun and apply an SPF50 sunscreen daily. For double protection against dark spots, adopt Vinoperfect serum and slip it under your sunscreen: a simple and effective gesture to moisturize the skin, prevent the appearance of pregnancy mask and offer the epidermis maximum sun protection. In case of intense sunshine, also remember to cover the most exposed areas of your body and adopt a wide-brimmed hat to protect your skin. Don't forget your sunglasses. Avoid exposure between 12 and 4 pm and stay in the shade as much as possible.

Pregnancy mask can indeed appear several months after the birth, especially during the breastfeeding period, or simply during the summer following the birth. It may even be likely to return with each exposure. The cause? Still hormones, especially estrogens in overproduction in the body. To minimize its appearance-or its reappearance-continue to use an SPF after giving birth, and couple its benefits with the Vinoperfect routine.

The hormonal influence is one of the causes of the appearance of dark spots. When taking birth control pills, melanocytes (the cells responsible for skin pigmentation) increase. An overproduction of melanin, which is responsible for the appearance of dark spots, and melasma is observed when you are pregnant. To prevent their appearance, combine an SPF with a targeted anti-dark spot routine.

Age-related dark spots are actually not directly due to the aging of the skin, but to its oxidation. When the skin presents dark spots, it is because it has been exposed excessively to oxidants responsible for skin aging (such as the sun or pollution). This skin oxidation can also be the result of a lifestyle that is not always balanced (tobacco, alcohol consumption) or a lack of anti-oxidant active ingredients. These dark spots should therefore not be confused with the pregnancy mask, whose cause of appearance is a hormonal reaction to the sun.

During the sunny months, protect your hands and décolleté with sunscreen. Prevent each new exposure to the sun from intensifying the intensity of your dark spots, remember to slip Vinoperfect Anti-Spot Serum under your sunscreen or try our shea butter hand cream and Viniferine Anti-dark Spot.

Depending on the maturity of the skin and its needs, the Instant Brightening Moisturizer of the radiance routine can be replaced by the Cashmere Cream Or Premier Cru The Cream.

We also recommend always using a sunscreen to complete the Vinoperfect routine and thus minimize the effect of UV rays.

(1) Clinical study, dermatological scoring, 91% of 65 volunteers, 56 days. 1 bottle of serum equals to 56 days of usage with 2 applications per day.
(2) Where facilities exist. Excluding pumps and multi-material covers, only recyclable in Caudalie Boutiques thanks to the TerraCycle partnership.

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