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Fresh Fragrances


Fresh Fragrances

Caudalie's best-selling Fresh Fragrance collection is born from Mathilde Thomas’ genuine passion for creating fragrances that are natural yet indulgent and evoke the delicacy of the vine.

Sensual, addictive and mysterious, immerse yourself in the universe of our iconic Fresh Fragrance, Thé des Vignes.



Thé des Vignes • The Fresh Fragrance

Thé des Vignes is the most sensual of the Fresh Fragrance collection.

A subtle blend of captivating, floral notes. Fresh and spicy top notes of ginger marry with the floral softness of neroli and the delicacy of musk.

Wheat alcohol, 100% natural.
No artificial coloring.



A fresh, lemony, spicy note


A light, soothing note of orange blossom


A delicate, rich and comforting rich note

The inspiration

"The sensual moment before evening, when the sun’s rays pepper the vines with a soft musk infusion."

Mathilde Thomas

Inspired by Mathilde Thomas, the sensual notes of the Thé des Vignes fragrance have been specifically created for Caudalie by the great master perfumer Jacques Cavalier.

Which Fresh Fragrance
are you?

Created by great perfumers, each Fresh Fragrance evokes a scented journey to the heart of the vineyards.


All about
the Fresh Fragrances

Discover everything there is to know about our collection of fresh fragrances!


There are several types of fragrance which have varying intensity according to their concentrations: perfume extract, eau de parfum, eau de toilette, eau de Cologne and fresh fragrance. A fresh fragrance is not as concentrated as an eau de toilette. Its freshness and lightness stand out, making it easy to wear all day, and all year, even in summer.

No, we do not add colorings to our Fresh Fragrances. You can therefore spray them on your clothes without risking staining them.

Yes, our Fresh Fragrances suit men as well as women.

No, it is not advised to go directly out in the sun after having spritzed one of our Fresh Fragrances on the skin because it contains alcohol and essential oils that may be photosensitizing.

No. However, to keep your Fresh Fragrance in the best conditions, we advise you to store it away from heat and humidity.

(1) Where facilities are provided. Excluding multi-material pumps and caps, recyclable only in Caudalie SPA Boutiques through the TerraCycle partnership.

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