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Coeur de forêt

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Acre – Brazil
Povos de Floresta Project

Tree icon30,000 trees planted in the Brazilian Amazon
Acre – Brazil

The Acre region of Brazil occupies a foremost role in the world's biodiversity: it is home to 70% of all the known species of palm trees in the western Amazon. However, it is threatened by the development of road infrastructures, oil prospecting, extensive bovine ranching and fires, which are leading to a loss of biodiversity and the release of millions of tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The Kuntanawas, a people native to the region, have been struggling since 2004 for the recognition and demarcation of their land, and to establish a new model of sustainable development for forest exploitation.

Since 2012, three community tree nurseries have been developed to produce young trees for the reforestation project and to provide organic fertilizers used to nourish the trees. The seeds are collected in the forest to respect the local ecosystem. In total, 30,000 trees of various endemic species have been planted between 2012 and 2015.