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Arbres & Paysages

Partner since 2016

Small-scale wine-growers of Gironde
Aquitaine region of France

Tree iconCreation of forest corridors – 5,000 trees planted by 2017
Small-scale wine-growers of Gironde

In 2016 Caudalie began supporting the association Arbres et Paysages to plant diversified shrubs – essentially comprising grassland species – around the vineyards of small-scale wine-growers. The creation of these forest corridors has a number of objectives, including: the improvement of biodiversity and biological balance (integrated pest management, wildlife), the windbreaker effect (to protect housing, buildings, crops and herds of domestic animals), an anti-erosion role (on top of slopes and along ditches) and the protection of water quality.

Between 2016 and 2017, there were 5,000 plants (trees and shrubs) replanted in the wine-growing area of Gironde.